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Bedroom Set Scam by Jason's Furniture

I recently purchased a bedroom set from Jason's Furniture, Nov 2009, and setting up delivery date was informed 1st that my set had been damaged by manager Shelly, asked how damaged, could not answer that, 2nd informed set was discontinued, and I had to pick something else. After a month I picked something I really did not want because they would not reimburse me. 3rd, after another 2.5 months I was told my new choice set was on a truck coming from California. 4th I set up a delivery date and told them I work at night and needed AM delivery. After waiting all day 4/16/10, no deliver. I called the store was told they told me between 2 and 6 pm which I was not told. To top it off I don't have all the peices to my set and was told by Manager Roger it would take about 4 weeks for the rest, so I said oh you really mean two months and he stated yes. I have a 260+ credit at the store but they refuse to reimburse me. I don't want anything else from this store. I don't think its right the way I have been treated and lied to throught this ordeal. Please help Me!

Thank You,

Dorothy Craddox, PO Box 294 Neptune, NJ 07754 (732) 686-9270

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